Thoughts from the Treadmill: Time Remaining

treadmillSounds a little ominous, doesn’t it? Actually, my thoughts this week are focused not only on having a fabulous, “enchanted April,” like I described last week, but also getting my head and everything else ready for the transition to the Iowa part of my year. time remaining

Enchanted April continued this past week with not only the usual Mah Jongg sessions, knitting group and my opera appreciation course. To those I added the special events of a concert by Creative Impressions, a singing group of African-American kids ages 12-18 from Augusta Georgia, stopping by the Orange County IFAS University of Florida Extension Education Center Rose Festival, and a concert by own Celebration Singers called “Let’s Go to the Movies.” All were delightful surprises, because I wasn’t expecting to enjoy any of them as much as I did.

Creative Impressions

Creative Impressions

If you ever get a chance to hear Creative Impressions, take it! Such incredible young voices that not only blend into remarkable music but also several individual voices that sound professionally trained. They sang in the Atrium of Stetson University in Celebration. Where last month I was concerned about that venue gobbling up my voice, those very same acoustics magnified these great voices.

I love flowers, especially the delicate, elegant rose. But I don’t grow them. I don’t have the time, patience or skill to do that, but still, I admire them. So it was fun to wander through the various samples displayed at the Rose Festival. Plus, I enjoyed sitting on a bench out on the grounds reading from my Kindle while my friends took in the seminars.

rose rose 3rose 2

I also love movies, especially songs from the movies. The Celebration Singers tapped into that appreciation with the songs and medleys they performed. Almost every selection was peppered with solos, every one of which was terrific and some pure gold. It is so great to live in a community that produces such talent.

Kristopher Schave leads the Celebration Singers

Kristopher Schave leads the Celebration Singers

I’ve also been looking ahead to the trip north, because I’ll be going to Kansas City almost as soon as I’m back to attend the Romantic Times Convention at Crown Center, my first time to experience this reader-focused event. On Thursday, May 2, I’ll be part of their Book Expo, a time for readers to meet and greet ebook authors like myself and self-published authors. I’m busy now trying to figure out how to attract potential readers to my table, since I won’t actually be selling my two books, just encouraging online purchases. Fellow authors have encouraged me to offer swag (giveaways) and candy, so I’m busy customizing miniature wrapped chocolates with my two book covers.

Later that week, I will be participating in my first actual booksigning at the Marriott in Country Club Plaza at “Romancing the Plaza.” I volunteered to provide a giveaway for their raffle and now am trying to figure out what it will be. I plan to promote And He Cooks Too with something culinary-related, most likely an apron with the book cover on it.

There are so many aspects to the promotional side of writing that are unfamiliar territory. Each new step takes a lot of time and consideration. Got any other ideas for me? I’d like to hear them. Comment below.

9781440556463 The Sleepover Clause

Now available for Nook ereaders.

Now available for Nook ereaders.

Photo by Leslie Sloan

Photo by Leslie Sloan

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