Midwest Musings: In-between Television Seasons

It’s no secret that I’m a TV addict. Sometimes I refer to this habit as my interest in cultural anthropology. Anyway, it’s that time of year when the TV series I follow end for the season, or in the case of “The Good Wife” and “Castle,” forever, other than in syndication. In recent years, some cable TV series start their new seasons in the months between May and September while network television shows reruns, specials, or revisits game shows of old. In other words, finding much of anything to watch other than something I’ve seen before is a bit of a challenge.

This year is a bit different. I’ve discovered the LAFF channel, which is part of my basic cable offerings. This has come just in time, because I’ve pretty much seen so much of the old sitcoms on Lifetime, Nick at Night, and TVLand where I can recite the lines before they’re delivered. I tend to hit these channels from ten at night to 1 in the morning, later if I can’t sleep. LAFF offers old episodes of “Cybill” and “The Drew Carey Show.” The former features earlier versions of Christine Baranski, Peter Krause, and Alicia Witt, all who appeared on network shows this past season. The latter shows a heavier version of Drew Carey, a much younger, pre-late night, pre-game show Craig Ferguson, and Christa Miller and Ian Gomez BEFORE they were teamed in more recent years on “Cougar Town.”

Perhaps you share the same weird interest in tracking the careers of celebrities as I.

I’m also becoming better acquainted with other TV options. We recently purchased a Blu-Ray DVR, which offers options we have more or less avoided, because of their additional cost, like HBO, Showtime, and Netflix. We are making our way through episodes of “The Newsroom,” which I think is one of the best series ever released. Thus far, I’m not a binge watcher, although I sense the possibility as we finish up the final season.  I finally took advantage of my free benefits of Amazon Prime with the “Doctor Thorne” series. As a writer of contemporary romance, viewing Julian Fellowes’ adaptation of Trollope’s novel has been an interesting visit to storytelling of another time.

My Watch List, to be pursued after we finish “The Newsroom” includes “Veep” and “Mozart in the Jungle.” Guess my interests tend toward comedy, although also on my list is “Game of Cards.” However, I probably won’t get to them until the conclusion of the last season of “Rizzoli and Isles” and “Royal Pains.” But then “Suits” starts in two weeks.

Although the networks are doing their best to lure me back to their new summer offerings with “Zoo,” “American Gothic” and “Murder in the First,” I’ve already decided “Zoo” is a little too far-fetched for my tastes. I’m still deciding on “Brain Dead.”

So many options, so little time. But I’m having a great time exploring. How about you? Any recommendations for me?

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