Redesign on a dime, or in our case, a few hundred dimes

While I attended the Romance Writers of America annual conference at the Dolphin at Walt Disney World in Orlando this past summer, my husband painted the bedroom of our condo. A year ago, we bought a new duvet and matching pillows and shams, which remained in the box while we decided (debated/negotiated) on a color. The duvet set was navy with white trim. The old wall color was supposedly an off-white but looked yellow. So we wanted something different that would still match the duvet. What color would you choose?

My husband wanted light tan. I wanted gray. Last spring, having reviewed at least twenty color swatches from Home Depot, Lowe’s and Sherwin Williams, we settled on one that was a blend of both. We marked it and set it aside until we returned this summer to make the purchase. However, when that time arrived, we couldn’t find the card. So the negotiations began again.

I’ll skip over this next part, the second round of negotiations, because they weren’t particularly pretty. Those concluded, back to Home Depot we went, where we each selected the colors we liked best and then attempted to find yet another compromise. Miraculously, we did manage to settle on one color. We purchased it and brought it home.

The next day was the first day of painting. Once again we learned that color swatches aren’t necessarily accurate. The walls were gray. I was elated, my husband not so much. Not to disparage the Navy, but he called the color battleship gray, and not in a nice way. But we told ourselves paint goes on dark and then as it dries, it gets lighter. Not really.

At this point, I told him to return to the store and get the color he wanted. But a gallon of paint these days is expensive and my husband is thrifty, and since he was doing the painting and was not thrilled with the prospective of doing it all over again, the gray remained.

I love it, especially with the blue bedding. But to make things better for him, I went off to the Conference and left it up to him to decide which pictures to rehang and which would now go into storage. Needless to say, all my pictures of palm trees and ferns are history.

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