Plotting Murder Giveaway


Beautiful woman in a dress holding a gun in her hand. View from the back.

Mystery, Thriller & Romantic Suspense
August 9-29

Kindle Fire 7 • Amazon Gift Cards • Ebook Packs • More Prizes




Plotting Murder Mystery, Thriller & Romantic Suspense Giveaway

How would you like to read that next bestseller on a Kindle Fire 7 tablet? Win an Amazon gift card, a cool lamp that opens like a book, or a pack of ebooks on your TBR list? Enter August 9-29 and you could decide which books we’ll buy for you from millions on Amazon.

Plus, don’t forget to shop our book fair and play the bonus scavenger hunt game, where we have a tea and brownie brittle bonus prize pack up for grabs. Plus, everyone scores a freebie, a short story download by C.J. Zahner exclusive to this event!

Plotting Murder Mystery, Thriller, and Romantic Suspense Book Fair