Sullivan’s Creek Series

The “Sullivan’s Creek” series is also set in Iowa, only closer to my summer home in the central part of the state. Sullivan’s Creek is a high-end, green residential development. The first book, Saved by the Salsa, follows the creation of the design plan for the project and the two architects with completely different styles, Lacey Rogers and Jack Dalton, who are teamed up to produce it. Tough Enough to Tango, moves ahead to the construction phase, where the temporary head of the general contractor company, Shae Harriman, finds herself constantly at odds with the developer. Book 3, Not Your Mama’s Mambo, deals with the sales stage and the interior design of the home of one of the partners.

Why titles featuring dances? The Salsa actually plays a major part in bringing Lacey and Jack together in the first book. After that, I decided to keep the dance reference going and then was challenged with how to bring it into the story concept. Plus, I’m a huge fan of “Dancing with the Stars.”