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Midwest Musings: Driven to Matrimony Cover Reveal

DriventoMatrimony_7901_750This is it! The cover for my next book, Driven to Matrimony from The Wild Rose Press. No release date yet but coming soon. This cover is considerably different than the first two, but I specifically asked for this style because I consider it a romantic comedy. Let me know if you like it.

There’s only one car left in the rental agency’s lot when my heroine, Dina Maitland, arrives, and it is a standard transmission. Although Dina supposedly learned how to drive a straight stick years ago in drivers’ ed class, this isn’t one of her better skills, as you can see by where the car has landed on the cover. This scene takes place near the end of the book. The lift is there for a reason. I hope you’ll check out the book when it’s release and find out why that lift is there.  

Re: “Re”

Since we’re talking “re”veal, I thought I’d devote this post to the subject of “re,” two little letters that change the meaning of the words they proceed to mean “again.” Re is hopeful, optimistic, because it suggests a second chance. If you’re like me, second chances (and succeeding chances, for that matter) are great. We writers deal in a lot of re’s: re-visions, re-telling, re-views, and unfortunately, re-jections.

What I’d like to talk about today, though, are a few other “re” words I’ve been hearing more of lately. I wondered if you have too, and if you have, if this slight change in our thinking says something about our time.

For instance, the word “re-invent.” It’s been around for a while, yes, but I guess I start with it because I use it a lot to describe my life the past few years. Technically, I “re-tired,” but I prefer to say I’m reinventing myself. And I am. I became a resident of the state of Florida and made a whole new group of friends. I’ve spent my time on new activities like Mah Jongg and knitting. (Okay, not as exciting say as deep sea fishing or rock climbing, but they keep the brain going.) And since the “re-lease” of my first book, The Sleepover Clause, last September, I’ve learned to extend myself promoting my books.

Photo by Leslie Sloan

Photo by Leslie Sloan

Increased use of this word signals a desire on the part of our society to do more, do something different with our lives.

Another word making the rounds of late is “re-imagine.” I like this one because it suggests nothing is ever really carved in stone (except stone carvings). Writers can ” re-turn” to manuscripts and story lines they may have set aside long ago and breathe new life into them without having to start with a completely blank page.

And how about “re-purpose”? I frequently hear this one on HGTV (the House and Garden TV Network), as interior decorators change objects into different objects. Ever watched “Flea Market Flip”? ABC personality Lara Spencer pits teams of flea market aficionados against each other in a challenge to buy low and re-sell high items they’ve taken apart, painted, “re-paired,” etc. and given a new function. There’s a certain “green” aspect to keeping what we have and doing something different with it.

Have you noticed a particular “re” term getting a lot of play in your world lately? Why not “re-ply” to this post and tell us about it?

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Midwest Musings: New Beginnings

blog green treesSpring has finally come to Iowa, six weeks after the calendar declared its arrival, but one can’t complain about this lush green that has now taken over our yards and trees. It’s hard to be down when you’re surrounded by the white, pink, yellow and deep rose of blooming bushes and spring flowers. New beginnings, starting over, rebirth,  renewed creativity – all signs of Spring. I’ve been experiencing a little bit of each lately.

New beginnings – Last week I signed a new contract with The Wild Rose Press for them to publish Driven to Matrimony. This is my second book with TWRP and third book to be published, all within the space of a year. Still quite amazing to me, considering how many years I’ve been writing. No cover or publication date yet, but I’ll keep you posted on progress. This is my shortest book to date, just a little under 53,000 words, so it won’t be available in Print on Demand format, only ebook. It is my first attempt at a romantic comedy. It’s the story of a daughter and father and their reaction to the pending marriage of her 50-something mother to his twenty-year-old film student son when they all wind up at a summer home on a small island off the coast of South Carolina.

Starting over – Awhile back, I wrote the first book in a trilogy about the building of a residential home development project in Iowa, Saved by the Salsa. This book revolves around the architects who conceive the design plan. It wasn’t until I finished it that I discovered I needed to do more research about the role of architects versus engineers in this initial phase of building. I put that challenge on hold until I finished the second book, Tough Enough to Tango, about the actual construction phase. That done, I now need to return to the research before I pitch the series. Anyone know some good resources about residential housing developments, especially who does what in the early phases?

Rebirth – This past week I attended the monthly meeting of Iowa Romance Novelists, a chapter of RWA I belonged to over a decade ago. Cecelia Munzenmaier, a local communications instructor, presented “Stress Less, Write More,” based on her self-published book of the same title.  I don’t know that I’ve been stressing so much of late, but the second part, writing more, certainly engaged my attention, since I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment.

As we all know, sometimes what goes around, comes around, and that’s the case with my affiliation with this group. At this point in my writing career, I felt the need to belong to a local chapter in Iowa as well as in Florida (SpaceCoast Authors of Romance), so I will most likely join them for the summer months.

Renewed creativity – My children and grandchildren gave me an ebook workstation for Mother’s Day. This tool works perfectly with my laptop, especially when I’m away from my desk watching television. In the first week alone, I’ve managed to write three new chapters in the first draft of the sequel to The Sleepover Clause. There’s still a long way to go before finishing, but I’ve made it to the first turning point and attribute my progress to ease with which my new workstation allows me to sit comfortably and still type.

After I’d written the above, along came another facet of Spring, the threat of tornadoes. Iowa went over a year without this particular type of weather threat, but all good things must come to an end, and tonight was the night. Although we were in a warning area for a while, and the winds went a little crazy, the threat, at least for this round, passed north of us. The experience reminded me that we should appreciate the beauty of Spring when we can, because it can also be fleeting. I’m glad I took my pictures earlier in the week, before the rain and wind most likely sent those blooms falling to the ground. Stay safe and dry.

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Photo by Leslie Sloan

Photo by Leslie Sloan

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