The Charleston Challenge – Book 7

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Dancing with Death

Oh, her aching feet! Micki Demetrius questions her sanity for agreeing to compete in Serendipity Springs’ Annual Charleston Challenge when clearly she and her partner, Guy Whitney, have no chance of winning or even placing. Just ask the reigning champion, who points out their low odds of taking home the trophy every chance she gets. 

But then, Micki’s only dancing in this contest because Guy wouldn’t enter without her, and the poor man needs something to occupy his days. Retirement hasn’t come easy for him. Not that there’s anything special going on between them, as much as Guy would like or his daughter suspects. There isn’t, is there?

Micki can’t wait to put their performance behind them—until one of the top competitors is found dead on the ballroom floor. The sheriff warns Micki and her three mah jongg pals not to play amateur sleuth again, but he can’t stop this persistent freelance journalist from pursuing her inside scoop, with a little help from her friends. The trouble with being on the inside, though, is that being so close to her sketchy subjects might just let the killer get dangerously close to her.


As they were entering the building, they had to pass another dance team on their way out, Delilah Harper and her partner, Stanley Carlyle. Harper pulled up. “You’re not walking so good, Micki. Are you sure you’re up to the rigors of this competition?”

            Harper and Carlyle acted like their chance of winning first place in the Charleston event was assured this year like she had the last three, even though this year the smart money was on a younger couple, Nedra Perkins and Mark Wyner.

            Micki summoned some of the energy she’d been saving for rehearsal. Even let her lips fold into something resembling a smile. “How kind of you to worry about my foot, Delilah, but not to worry. I bumped into a parking meter base on the way in. I’ll be fine in the blink of an eye.”

            Delilah offered her own false smile. “You take care of yourself, dear. Foot injuries can be so … permanent … for those your age.” She didn’t give Micki a chance to reply. “Gotta go. I see Corinne Blaisdel in the parking lot. I asked her to meet me here before she rehearsed. She had some, uh, questions about her routine she thought I could help with even though she doesn’t have a chance of winning. Toodles!” She sauntered off, leaving Carlyle behind.

            “I know what you’re gonna say,” Guy told her, “so don’t. Delilah uses every opportunity to goad you because she’s worried about us beating them. She’s trying to undermine our confidence.”

            “You’re right, but so is she. The so-called ‘rigors of the competition’ are getting to me. She seems to be thriving on all the physical challenges. I wonder if she’s bullying Corinne also.”

            “She’s bluffing. This competition is rough on all of us seniors.”

            “You seem to be doing okay.”

            “Then I’ve got you fooled. I go home after every practice and crash after an extra-long hot shower.”

            “Thanks for telling me. Now I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed. Misery loves company, I guess.”