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Repossession of your car in Los Angeles is like breathing without lungs. It can make an unemployed management consultant like Jordan Wright do crazy things, such as accept a job beneath her skills on a reality competition show and pretend to be a spy for a competing outfit.

Even though he sees through the undercover story, the show’s executive producer, Bart Underwood, is intrigued by it as well as the woman spinning her tale. Creativity is not one of his strong suits, and he has found himself in over his head with this new production. Unable to ask directly for Jordan’s help, he takes advantage of her need to prove herself in hopes she’ll rescue his baby. But despite their growing attraction to each other, even she can’t save a reverse beauty pageant titled Ugly as Sin.

When several stunts go awry, she suggests a new approach, challenges based on toys designed by Bart’s toymaker uncle. Though interested, Bart must first deal with his useless partner, who has been blackmailing him to sticik around. The man’s resentment of Jordan  threatens to not only disrupt her growing involvement with Bart but also risk the viability of the new show, Don’t Toy with Me.

I might as well admit this at the start: I’m really into television shows. Not quite an addict, but there’s usually something on my set when I’m writing. As I began my new series, I turned to this subject as my place to start. I didn’t want to tackle the big operations, at least not for now. Instead, I chose to focus on a young executive producer just starting out in the business, although his prior career in entertainment law has provided him entrée into his new pursuit. I’ve spent many hours over the years watching cable cooking and interior decoration shows, doing research for previous books. Both have at time featured competitions: Top Chef, The Next Food Network Star, Design Star, Brother vs. Brother. So, it  wasn’t a great leap from those to the crux of this story.

Each book in this series will be titled after a TV show.


Coming soon, the second book in this series, Change Up.


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